Lead Service Line Survey

City of Cumberland Customer Lead Service Line Survey

The City of Cumberland needs your help to complete an inventory of all water service line pipes connected to the public water system.

Check your home for lead pipes, then complete our online survey to tell us what you find, no matter what type of pipes you find!

Why does the City of Cumberland need information about the water service pipe material in my home?

EPA Regulatory Changes for Drinking Water

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) first established a lead and copper rule in 1991 to help reduce exposure and associated health effects from lead in drinking water. EPA revised the rule in 2021, requiring action by water service providers across the country. By 2024, all water utilities are required to determine where lead pipes exist in their systems, including the pipes on the customer side that connect to the public system.

The City of Cumberland has an inventory of our underground infrastructure, which helps us manage maintenance and prioritization of repair and replacement of pipes. We need the cooperation of our customers to help us complete the inventory, showing all private side connections and pipe materials.

The information provided will help us meet regulatory requirements, as well as apply for infrastructure grants available in the future!

We Need Your Help

Please complete our online Service Line Survey to inform us of the material used for the water service line coming into your property. It is the pipe connected to your water meter. If you are not sure of the material, use the Steps to Check Your Service Line below or this video link, then complete the survey.


Steps to Check Your Service Line

Materials Needed: Key or coin, strong magnet, phone or tablet (to take picture)

  • Find the water meter on your property. This can be in a basement, crawl space or other exterior wall.
  • Look for the pipe that comes through the wall of your home and connects to the meter.
  • Use a key or coin to gently scratch the pipe like you would scratch a lottery ticket. If the pipe is painted, use sandpaper to expose the metal first.
  • Place the magnet on the pipe to see if it sticks to the pipe.
  • Determine your pipe material. 
  • Take a picture of the service line (incoming water service).
  • Complete the SURVEY.

survey area

NOTE: Your meter may be inside the building (picture above) or outside the building (picture below). For this survey, look for the incoming water service entering the wall or floor and before the shut-off valve.

Service Line with Meter Outside

Helpful tips to determine your pipe material


The pipe may appear dull brown on the outside but will be the color of a bright penny if gently scratched. Magnet won't stick.



The pipe will appear dull and soft but will turn a shiny silver color when scratched. Magnet won't stick.

Lead pipe 


The scratched area will remain a dull gray. If you have a galvanized steel pipe, you may still have a lead gooseneck on your service line. Magnet will stick.

gavanized pipe


If the service line is blue, white or black, does not appear to be any of the other materials listed above, and a magnet will not stick to the surface, your service line is most likely plastic. 

plastic pipe


lead lines ID

Learn More About Lead in Drinking Water

The City’s annual Consumer Confidence Report details information about lead in drinking water.