Curbside Recycling

Recycling Schedule

2020 Recycle Flyer
Curbside Recycling is available to trash customers within the City of Cumberland. The City’s recycling and trash collection is being serviced by Burgmeier's Hauling, Inc.

Recycling Collection

For the best recycling experience:
  • Recycle only the items accepted (see below)
  • DO NOT mix trash in your recycling
  • Set recycling out NEXT to trash (not underneath trash)
  • If using bags for recycling instead of the issued Burgmeier's Hauling tote - use CLEAR bags & LABEL as recycling
  • Cardboard MUST be broken down no larger than 24" X 24" and bundled
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Recycling commodity is being accepted for curbside collection on the same days as garbage collection for all city routes. Please  set recycling bins or bundles out for collection on your scheduled collection days every week; following the Burgmeier’s Hauling NEW recycling schedule.

Co-mingled Recycling

Plastic containers, glass containers, aluminum and metal cans. Plastics #1, #2, #4, #5, and #7 are accepted for recycling. Plastic containers must be larger than 2” X 2” and no larger than 2 gallon.

Cumberland trash customers are issued a burgundy recycling tote by Burgmeier’s Hauling, Inc. for the collection of Co-mingled Recycling. The totes are considered property of Burgmeier’s Hauling, Inc. and are to stay with the corresponding residential property of which each are issued.

The Co-mingled Recycling totes are to be placed at the curbside on the appropriate collection days prior to 5 a.m.

Mixed Paper Recycling

Newspapers, magazines, catalogs, junk mail, office paper and phone books. Cardboard is accepted if broken down and flattened into no larger than 24 inches in bundles. Hard covered books, tissues and paper towels are not accepted.

Mixed Paper Recycling should be bundled or placed in paper or plastic bags and placed at the curbside on the appropriate collection days prior to 5 a.m.

Trash & Recycling Schedule

  • Monday and Thursday: East Side, West Side
  • Tuesday and Friday: South Cumberland
  • Wednesday and Friday: Downtown
  • Wednesday and Saturday: North Cumberland


There will be no collection on the following holidays:
  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

More Information

Recycling collection alternates each week based on the Cumberland Recycling Calendar, recycling is collected on the same day and time as regular trash collection.

Trash or items considered not acceptable (see Co-Mingled Recycling and Mixed Papers Recycling) in each co-mingled recycling container or paper bundle will contaminate the recycling collection. Contaminated collections will be disposed of as trash and not recycled.

For more information contact Burgmeier’s Hauling at 301-777-0416 or visit their website

Burgmeier's Hauling services Cumberland's trash routes with a variety of vehicles, each equipped to collect both trash and recycling. See below for the different styles that may be collecting in your neighborhood.

  1. Trash/Front Load Recycling Truck
  2. Rear Load Trash/Recycle Truck
  3. Dump "Style" Truck

The traditional trash truck introduced to the streets of Cumberland in 2014. Trash will be loaded in the rear, while recycling is loaded in the front (sides).

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