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The City of Cumberland has a long-standing commitment to planning dating back to the City's first Planning Commission in 1948. Since then, planning has taken many different forms, from a large urban renewal staff of 17 in the 1970's, to a broad-based community development program. In more recent years, planning within the City of Cumberland has been more of a "function" than separate department. The Cumberland City Planner works closely with several departments within City Government, including:


Engineering - Which designs public improvements, oversees major public facility construction projects, and maintains computer maps for the City.


Community Development - Which receives applications for site plans, subdivisions, and building permits, oversees all site plan and building permit reviews, undertakes historic preservation activities, and administers community development block grants.


Economic Development - Which works cooperatively with developers and businesses to expand the City's economy and employment base. 

The primary duties of the city planner include:

►  Serve as Zoning Administrator

►  Review all subdivision and major site plan applications
►  Serve as technical advisor for the Municipal Planning and Zoning Commission 
►  Serve as technical advisor for the Zoning Board of Appeals 

►  Serve as technical avdvisor for the Cumberland Bicycle Advisory Committee
►  Administer the City's Comprehensive Plan and oversee or prepare updates 
►  Oversee and prepare amendments to the City's Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map
►  Administer and prepare amendments to the City's Subdivision Regulations 
►  Assist in the processing of Annexation petitions and studies 
►  Oversee and prepare special planning studies and projects 
►  Coordinate with the MD Department of Planning and MD Municipal League 
►  Provide customer assistance on planning issues and needs 


To contact David Umling, City Planner, please dial 301-759-6503 or send an e-mail to

     Mailing Address:        57 North Liberty Street

                                           Cumberland, MD  21502


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