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File a Non-Emergency Report

  1. Cumberland Police Department Vehicles

  2. This form is only for the report of non-emergency incidents that have occurred within the boundaries of the City of Cumberland. These include, but are not limited to:
    -Reports of Destruction of Property for Insurance Purposes Only
    -Reports of Hit and Run for Insurance Purposes Only
    -Reports of Nuisances
    -Other Reports

    It may take as many as 5 days for reports to be entered into the system. Once the report has been filed, you will be contacted with the Incident Report Number.

  3. Information for Report
    List any property owners, property, license numbers, description of vehicles, insurance information, etc. Be as detailed as possible. You will be contacted by email if additional information is needed. This is not for time sensitive reports, such as stolen tags, vehicles, or other crimes which demand immediate action. For those, please call dispatch at 301-777-1600.

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  5. Requestor will be notified by email when the report is completed. Requester will be sent the Incident Report Number (IR#), which should be used as a reference when inquiring about the incident.

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