Individual Lots

Following are all City-owned lots available for purchase. All building improvements and structures have been removed from each lot listed (unless otherwise noted). A report from the MD Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) is included for each parcel but may reflect assessed values prior to any demolition that may have occurred. Please note that land values and improvement values are listed separately on the SDAT report.  Some lots may be buildable, but others are only suitable as an adjacent lot.  It is the responsibilty of the bidder to verify that their intended use of the property would be permitted.

Individual Lots for Sale

Property Address Tax ID # SDAT Info Sheet Proposed Use of Lot
7 Arch Street 04-009428 SDAT Buildable Lot (with 9 Arch)
9 Arch Street 04-047230 SDAT Buildable Lot (with 7 Arch)
471 Baltimore Avenue 22-003445 SDAT Adjacent Lot
319 Columbia Street 05-019141 SDAT Adjacent Lot
321 Columbia Street 05-019133 SDAT Adjacent Lot
606 Hill Street 05-020301 SDAT Buildable Lot
325 Independence Street 05-024617 SDAT Adjacent Lot
119 Pennsylvania Avenue 04-026438 SDAT Adjacent Lot

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7 Arch Street

7 and 9 Arch

9 Arch Street

7 and 9 Arch

471 Baltimore Avenue

471 Baltimore Ave

319 Columbia Street

319-321 Columbia St.

321 Columbia Street

319-321 Columbia St.

606 Hill Street

606 Hill (2)

325 Independence Street

325 Independence St.

119 Pennsylvania Avenue

119 Pennsylvania