Code Violation / Property Complaint

To report a City Code Violation such as:  Nuisance issues - High grass and weeds, junk, trash or debris, junk or untagged vehicles on street. Property Maintenance issues - Broken windows, porch collapse, rainspouts down, etc. Housing Code issues - unlicensed rentals, no water or heat in a rental property, etc. Building Code issues - unpermitted construction, fence installation, etc. Zoning issues -  Operating an unlicensed business in residential zone, chickens kept in back yard, etc.  Click for link to:  City of Cumberland Code of Ordinances .  

Phone 301-722-2000, extension 5600


We try to keep this page as up to date as possible, but know this might not be the most current link available to the City Ordinance. Please check by keystroking ’City Ordinance’ at ’Search’ tab.