Special Recycling Events

Special recycling events are coordinated with the Allegany County Recycling Office and Solid Waste Management Board. These events include tire recycling, electronics recycling, household hazardous waste collections, etc... These special events are not held on a regular basis, so the City will be providing information here to be inform to Cumberland residents. Additionally, as events are scheduled they will be added to Notify Me and the Main Calendar. For more information please contact the City's Environmental Specialist at 301-759-6604. 



How do I REDUCE my waste footprint?
  • Bring your own: Bags to the store! Coffee mug to the coffee shoppe! Reusable container to a restaurant! 
  • Buy used over new
  • Fix what you already own
  • Start a backyard compost
  • Use cloth napkins and towels instead of paper
  • Take packaging into consideration when shopping, look for minimal or recyclable packaging


How do I REUSE more?


  • Allegany County's Recycling Office keeps a comprehensive list of how/where to recycle various items.

Please visit here often for **NEW**  **UPDATED** special recycling events!!!