Ordinances Passed in 2016

Ordinances passed by The Mayor and City Council of Cumberland in 2016.
Ordinance No. 3795: Amending and supplementing Ordinance No. 3793, passed on December 15, 2015.
Ordinance No. 3796: Amending Section 2.03(22) of the City of Cumberland Zoning Ordinance for the purpose of amending the definition of a "boarding house/hostel".
Ordinance No. 3797: Providing for the City Tax Levy for FY17.
Ordinance No. 3798: Providing for the annual appropriation for FY17
Ordinance No. 3799: Providing appropriations for Special Purpose Funds for FY17.
Ordinance No. 3800: Providing for an appropriation for the Water Fund for FY17.
Ordinance No. 3801: Providing for an appropriation for the Sewer Fund for FY17.
Ordinance No. 3802: Providing for the levy of a Special Ad Valorem Tax in the Shades Lane Development District for FY17.
Ordinance No. 3803: Repealing and re-enacting with Amendments Section 11-94 of the City Code for the purpose of modernizing prohibitions pertaining to weapons other than firearms.
Ordinance No. 3804: Authorizing the execution of a deed for the purpose of conveying 25 parcels of real estate on Baltimore Avenue and Waverly Terrace to Cumberland Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc.
Ordinance No. 3805: Providing for the closure of a portion of an alley known as Willison Place, between lands owned by Sean B. D'Atri.
Ordinance No. 3806: Conveyance of 316 Baltimore Avenue to Edward M. and Frances L. Cook.
Ordinance No. 3807: Repeal and re-enact with amendments Section 2-176 of the City Code providing for local preferences in the awarding of contracts.
Ordinance No. 3808: Authorization of financing, reimbursing or refinancing costs of the CSO Storage Facility Project.
Ordinance No. 3809: Authorization of financing, reimbursing or refinancing costs of Phase III of the CSO Upgrades Project.