Citizen's Academy

The Citizen's Police Academy's primary objective is to afford an opportunity for community, business, and religious leaders to become informed and educated about the many aspects of police work. The academy is designed to give the attendees exposure as to why police respond to various situations in a particular way, and how they ultimately handle those situations.

The academy will give attendees the opportunity to see the benefits of public service, and learn about the challenges and demands associated with law enforcement. Attendees will learn about selected police units, and may participate in practical applications that demonstrate the aspects of the police officer's job. They will gain a greater understanding of the safety procedures required in policing, and will learn some of the techniques used in addressing crime in our community.
Citizens Police Academy


The ultimate goal of the Citizen's Police Academy is to foster relationships between law enforcement, communities, and businesses. The department hopes to create an alliance that leaves us with voices in the community to act as ambassadors to build solid partnerships, thus creating a better quality of life for those we serve.

The academy is a snapshot of what law enforcement really does.


Download a Citizen's Academy Application (PDF) today to get started. Please return completed applications to:
Cumberland City Police Department
Attn: Lt. Andrew Tichnell
20 Bedford Street
Cumberland, MD 21502

We will soon be accepting applications via email.