Solid Waste/Recycling Collection

  • Containers shall be of a capacity not to exceed 40 pounds in weight and must have securely fitted lids. Paper or plastic garbage bags of suitable gauge and strength may be used in place of metal, rubber or plastic cans. When used, such bags must be securely fastened at the top. The number of bags per pickup is limited to 8 for residential customers, 16 for commercial customers (1st tier), and  30 for commercial customers (2nd tier).
  • All ashes must be placed in suitable watertight, metal, rubber or plastic containers and not be in excess of 40 pounds in weight. All ashes must be dry, cool enough for handling, and may not be mixed with garbage.
  • Oil drums, chemical containers, shortening cans, railroad spike cans, carbide cans, unsuitable plastic containers, kitchen and bathroom waste paper cans shall not be permitted for the disposal of garbage, ashes or rubbish.
  • All garbage and ash cans must have a handle that will extend down over the side of the can, or 2 suitable side handles, and must have securely fitted lids.
  • Place receptacles away from parked vehicles to insure pickup.
  • All boxes*, brush, or similar items placed out for disposal must be cut down and/or folded to a length not to exceed 48 inches, and must be tied and secured in suitable bundles before being placed at the curb. The weight of each bundle must not exceed 40 pounds.    *Cardboard boxes placed out for recycling must be cut down/folded not to exceed 24 inches
  • Magazines shall be tied and secured in bunches not to exceed 40 pounds. Newspapers, if not recycled, shall also be tied and secured in bundles not to exceed 40 pounds.
  • Collections will be made in accordance with the schedule mutually agreed upon by the City of Cumberland and the successful bidder.
    • Schedule:
      Monday and Thursday: East Side, West Side
      Tuesday and Friday: South Cumberland
      Wednesday and Friday: Downtown
      Wednesday and Saturday: North Cumberland
    • There will be no trash collection on the following holidays:
      New Years Day
      Memorial Day
      Independence Day
      Labor Day
      Thanksgiving Day
      Christmas Day
  • No garbage, ashes, refuse, etc., may be placed at the curb before dusk the day before collection, and empty containers must be removed prior to 6 p.m. on the day of collection.
  • The responsibility for picking up garbage, ashes or refuse scattered or littered about, as a result of upset cans, torn bags, etc., is that of the homeowner or property owner from whom such garbage, etc., is to be collected.
  • A penalty of $50 is prescribed for violating any of the rules and regulations pertaining to the disposal of garbage and other household refuse. Note: There are several penalties for throwing or dumping garbage, ashes, or refuse in or upon any property in the city limits.
  • Nothing is to be placed at the curb in cardboard boxes, as they tend to break up and deteriorate when wet.
  • Construction material, at the discretion of the City of Cumberland, should not be placed at the curb for pickup.
  • Rocks and dirt are not acceptable as yard waste and will not be picked up.

Bulk Item Pickup Program

Curbside Recycling

For the best recycling experience:

*Recycle only the items accepted (see Curbside Recycling Page)

*DO NOT mix trash in your recycling

*Cardboard MUST be broken down no larger than 24" X 24" and bundled

*If using bags for recycling instead of the issued Burgmeier's Hauling tote - use only CLEAR bags & LABEL as recycling

*SHARE this information with your friends, family and neighbors

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